The Difference is a Belgian quintet formed in 1996 when members of Nasty Society and Blackmail decided to start a new band. With the first line up ,Steven Van Hyfte on lead guitar, Christophe De Bock on rhythm guitar , Dirk De Kesel on bass , Kristof Ingels on drums and Gerd Hanssens on vocals, three demos were recorded. At that time the band had a rather doomy sound inspired by bands as Anathema and Paradise Lost. The Demo recordings resulted in quite some performances.

The band had a strong live reputation which made them well known in the local scene. Around 2002 bassplayer Dirk and drummer Kristof left the band for personal reasons. They were replaced by Steven Mervielde on bass and Edward Timmerman on drums. With this line up the first full album “ Lost in Mass Confusion” was recorded.

A few months later Christophe De Bock left the band, he was replaced by Bram Van De Moortel. In 2009 the second album “ When Light uncovers Grey” was released. After a few months Edward (drums) also decided to stop playing. He was replaced for a short time by drummer A.J.

During this period the music video “ The Awakening “ was recorded and released. The cooperation with the new drummer didn’t work out so drummer A.J. was asked to leave the band. As a result of the new album and the music video the band played some bigger festivals like Alcatraz festival ( with Saxon , Testament…) and played as support for Agent Steel and Vicious Rumours In 2012 The Difference performed at Graspop Metal Meeting. Meanwhile Kristof Ingels rejoined the band as drummer.

Autumn 2012 Bram decided to leave the band to go study and work in China. He was replaced by Ruben Dhaene almost immediately. Ruben seems to find his way in the band very well, a fresh breeze can be a good thing and so it is.



Gerd Hanssens Vocals and lyrics

Date of birth: 30/03/1965
Lives in: Belgium, East-Flanders
Other Bands: None
Gear: Shure SM 58 Microphones


Steven Mervielde Bass

Date of birth: 07/08/1978
Lives in: Oosteeklo
Other Bands: The Evil Pony’s
Gear: Pedulla Thunderbolt, Cort A5, Ibanez, Markbass SA 450, Markbass standard 104 HF, Markbass standard 151 HR


Steven Van Hyfte Guitar

Date of birth: 18/09/1974
Lives in: Sint-Margriete
Other Bands: None
Gear: Carvin DC 135 guitars, Marshallcabs, Marshall 9200 100/100 poweramp, Tech 21 Sansamp preamp, Digitech GSP 21 Effectprocessor, Digitech GSP 1101 Effectprocessor, Rocktron Noise Gate, D’addario strings and Dunlop pics


Ruben Dhaene Guitar

Date of birth: 22/08/1988
Lives in: Kaprijke
Other Bands: Primal Creation
Gear: Dean Razorback Shards, Dean Cadillac 1980, Ibanez AEL20E, Peavey 6505+ amplification, Mesa Rectifier oversized cabinet and a Pedaltrain Pro with a Dunlop DC brick, Digitech Whammy, Dunlop Crybaby From Hell, ISP decimator (noise gate), Digitech Multi Chorus, Boss DD-6 delay, MXR line booster.

Kristof Ingels Drums

Date of birth: 13 /09/1973
Lives in: Bassevelde
Other Bands: None
Gear: Tama drums and hardware, Vic Firth, Sabian/ Zildjan cymbals, Iron Cobra pedals

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